Thai Reflexology Training

This 5 day course incorporates comprehensive learning modules enabling the Practitioner to complete a full and professional Thai Foot Reflexology treatment. This is an in-depth course that teaches 60-minute Thai Foot reflexology routine, pressure points, and techniques.  This is a complete training experience covering the elements necessary to confidently apply the treatment as well as develop your own therapist presence.

There is good amount of focus on anatomy and pathology during the course enabling you to fully understand how Thai foot reflexology effects the system and the benefits.

We believe in training competent, intuitive and professional therapist's which is why this course is run across 5 days and includes self study, assignments, case studies, theory and practical examination as part of the assessment process.

You will learn:
How to give a Thai foot reflexology massage as is done in the streets of Thailand .  We will learn the techniques using oil as well as a Thai stick. In Thailand a foot treatment usually begins with a soak and finishes with a leg and foot massage. 

This training is over 5 days with one of the days as your practical and thery exam. It is approved by which will enable you to become fully registered and insured as a therapist. Cover starts from only £100 a year. 

Thai Foot Massage is an ancient method of massage which incorporates aspects of Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chinese and Thai Massage. It is an excellent skill to complement your current therapies (including western Reflexology) as well as being a strong foundation for starting your own therapy practice.

It can be traced back to over 2,000 years and is known to be strongly influenced by the Indian Ayurvedic system of healing as well as the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As opposed to western massage Thai massage is a treatment which combines the benefits of massage with pressure point stimulation. In addition to this Thai massage stimulates prana, ki, chi or life force energy by encouraging the flow through pressure on specific energy points which thereby encourages the body to achieve natural balance and flow.

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Thai reflexology training Wales

Training fees


Accommodation £199 includes breakfast and accommodation for 4 nights 

After 4 days of training you will then practice and complete 20 case studies and return for your practical and written exam day.